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The manticore is a feline in dNetHack with multiple melee attacks, a poisonous sting, and a paralyzing ranged attack. Without free action or some other means of resistance, the manticore's ranged paralysis attack is not to be taken lightly, as a player could be quickly incapacitated and killed.

The manticore is a true monster, with a leonine torso and legs,
batlike wings, a man's head, a tail tipped with iron spikes, and
an appetite for human flesh.

The manticore stands 6 feet tall at the shoulder and measures 15
feet in length. It has a 25-foot wingspan. Each section of the
manticore closely resembles the creature it imitates. The leonine
torso has a tawny hide, the mane is a lion's brown-black color,
and the batlike wings are a dark brown with sparse hair. All
manticores have heads that resemble human males; the mane
resembles a heavy beard and long hair.

In combat, the manticore fires volleys of 1-6 tail spikes.
The spikes are coated in a paralyzing venom.

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