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Maud is the object of affection in a poem of the same name by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The poem describes the narrator's descent into fractured consciousness at the thought of his beloved. Usually in NetHack, seeing a message referring to Maud is a bad thing, as it means you just read a scroll of amnesia, the message referring to the poem. The name has a few other in-game effects and appearances, however:

  • Naming yourself Maud will produce different messages when reading a scroll of amnesia. The effect of the scroll is unchanged, however.
  • Ghosts appearing on special levels and in haunted temples can sometimes be named Maud.
  • Player monsters on the Astral Plane are also sometimes named Maud.
  • One of the unidentified scroll labels is DUAM XNAHT, or "THANX MAUD" written backwards. It is associated to the scroll of amnesia in the source code (although this has no effect on the chances of such a scroll having that label).

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