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You can download the NetHackWiki:

Some readers

You can install mediawiki locally, but it's quite a bother. You can also use the dump directly with a reader.

  • xowa (multiplatform)

Currently, what you need to do, in order to setup xowa to use NetHackWiki.

You download the dumps. You import it, the name of the folder the dump is in, will be used as the name for the wiki. Don't test it after you import it, because by default, it will try to use the commons of wikipedia.

To setup the images go in "home/wiki/Help:Options/Config_script" And add a script like this (with your paths and your wikiname) app.wikis.get('WikiName').files.wkrs.get('fs.dir') { orig_dir = '~{<>xowa_root_dir<>}/wiki/WikiName/images/'; thumb_dir = '~{<>xowa_root_dir<>}/wiki/WikiName/images/thumb/'; }

Restart, and it should work as expected. If you have problems ask for help in the forum.

The tty maps will not work however, because NetHackWiki uses a custom plug in for these.