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For a definition of "spoiler files", see Spoiler.

Spoiler files are often of historical importance to NetHack and it is in the interest of the community to preserve them. In cases where the license permits us to do so (see NetHackWiki:Copyrights for details), we may mirror them on NetHackWiki for reference and archival purposes; this avoids the content becoming inaccessible should the original location of the spoilers disappear.

Category:Spoiler files keeps a list of spoilers thus mirrored.


Before adding a spoiler file to the wiki, you should ensure you are allowed to do so. See NetHackWiki:Copyrights if you are unsure.

Spoiler files are preserved as-is and should not be edited. Template:Verbatim spoiler should be used to include a note to this effect on the page. Additionally, the appropriate licensing template should be included at the bottom of the page.

The actual spoiler text itself is normally wrapped in <pre> tags as the original format typically relies on monospaced display for alignment of tables and similar figures. Finally, a {{noversion}} tag is applied at the bottom of the page as the text is archived in its original state.


Spoiler file archives are typically protected from editing to avoid mistakes as the pages are meant to remain static. Category:Non-protected verbatim spoilers keeps track of properly marked spoiler files that have not been protected by an administrator.