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FIQHack introduces a new player mechanic called piety which replaces the vanilla altar sacrifice / prayer mechanics. Piety is a measure of how much your god likes you (as opposed to alignment record, which is a measure of how faithful you are to your god).

Piety is implemented as a scale which can be positive or negative, similar to how luck or alignment work in vanilla. A positive piety value means your god likes you, a negative value means they are angry with you. Piety is increased by altar sacrifice. Piety is decreased by things like sacrificing your own race as a non-chaotic, or killing a pet.

You begin every game with a piety of 0.

When your piety reaches 10000 * ( 2 ^ # gifts given )[1][2], a sacrifice gift is given and your piety is reset to 2000[3].

If your piety is >= 15000 when you pray on an altar, you will be crowned[4][5]. This resets your piety to 5000[6].

Altar sacrifices affect your piety as follows:

Item Piety Increase Notes
Gold Amount / 2[7]
Food ration 100
Huge chunk of meat 666
K-ration 133
C-ration 100
Other Permafood Nutrition amount Tins and eggs can't be sacrificed[8]
Corpse ( Difficulty + 1 ) * 150 Unicorn +5 difficulty, assuming no conversion or angering altar god[9]

Any prayer with zero timeout, a happy god and positive alignment will increase your luck by 1 if possible[10].

The chance of altar conversion is ( piety value / 12 )%[11]. Failing to convert an altar always gives a minion, but will not reduce your luck.

If you sacrifice on an altar of opposite alignment and your alignment is changed, your piety (to your new god) is set to zero[12].

If you sacrifice your own race and you are not chaotic, your piety is reduced by 3000 (the other negative effects still apply)[13]. There is no piety change for sacrificing your own race as a chaotic.

Killing a pet decreases your piety by 1000[14].

The following mechanics generally work the same as in vanilla:

  • Offering with nonzero prayer timeout
  • Offering with a negative alignment rcord
  • Offering an amulet.


Enlightenment will show you your general piety level as follows:

Piety Range Message
< -6000 <your god> is extremely angry at you
-6000 to -3001 <your god> is very angry at you
-3000 to -1001 <your god> is slightly angry at you
-1000 to 999 <your god> is noncommital
1000 to 1999 <your god> is slightly pleased with you
2000 to 2999 <your god> is pleased with you
3000 to 3999 <your god> is very pleased with you
4000 to 4999 <your god> is extremely pleased with you
5000 to 5999 <your god> favors you
6000 to 6999 <your god> favors you deeply
7000 to 7999 <your god> favors you very deeply
8000 to 8999 <your god> favors you extremely deeply
9000 to 9999 <your god> is exalted with you
9999 to 14999 <your god> is very exalted with you
>15000 <your god> is extremely exalted with you


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