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ring-343.txt  Last edited 2005-06-02 for NetHack 3.4.3
Rings and their generic properties in NetHack 3.4 
Compiled for 3.2.2 by Kevin Hugo.
Updated for 3.4.3 by Dylan O'Donnell <psmith@spod-central.org>.

RING                             COST  WGT  PROB   CHG
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : ~~~~  ~~~  ~~~~ : ~~~
meat ring                      : $  5   1     0  :
adornment                      :  100   3     1  :  Y
hunger                         :  100   3     1c :
protection                     :  100   3     1  :  Y
protection from shape changers :  100   3     1  :
stealth                        :  100   3     1  :
sustain ability                :  100   3     1  :
warning                        :  100   3     1  :
aggravate monster              :  150   3     1c :
cold resistance                :  150   3     1  :
gain constitution              :  150   3     1  :  Y
gain strength                  :  150   3     1  :  Y
increase accuracy              :  150   3     1  :  Y
increase damage                :  150   3     1  :  Y
invisibility                   :  150   3     1  :
poison resistance              :  150   3     1  :
see invisible                  :  150   3     1  :
shock resistance               :  150   3     1  :
fire resistance                :  200   3     1  :
free action                    :  200   3     1  :
levitation                     :  200   3     1  :
regeneration                   :  200   3     1  :
searching                      :  200   3     1  :
slow digestion                 :  200   3     1  :
teleportation                  :  200   3     1c :
conflict                       :  300   3     1  :
polymorph                      :  300   3     1c :
polymorph control              :  300   3     1  :
teleport control               :  300   3     1  :

Rings are listed in increasing order of base COST, then alphabetically
by name.  WGT specifies the weight (100 zorkmids weighs 1).

Rings comprise 3% of all randomly-generated items in the main dungeon,
5% in containers, 5% on the Rogue level, and 8% in hell.  PROB is
the relative probability of each subtype; the suffix specifies the chance
of blessed/cursed:
    c           90% cursed, 10% uncursed, 0% blessed
    charged     42.93% cursed, 41.33% uncursed, 15.73% blessed
                Courtesy of Bruce Cox:
                                  +ve      +0       -ve
                   blessed   181/1200   1/240    7/3000   =  59/375
                   uncursed       1/3    1/60    19/300   =   31/75
                   cursed     19/1200   1/240   307/750   = 161/375
    otherwise   10% cursed, 90% uncursed, 0% blessed
Rings of invisibility carried by Nazguls are always cursed.

The CHG field is Y if the ring can be charged.  The initial enchantment
has an exponentially-weighted probability, but tends to be in the range
of -3 to +3.  When a ring with a positive enchantment is charged, it
has an (enchantment before) in 7 chance of exploding.  Rings with
enchantments of <= -5 or >= +7 will always explode when charged.
Otherwise, blessed charging adds 1 to 3 points of enchantment, cursed
charging removes 1 to 2 points, and uncursed charging always adds +1.
Therefore, the highest possible enchantment is +9 by charging (and +10
by random generation).  You may repeatedly enchant and unenchant a ring.

The effects of rings are controllable by putting on and removing the
ring.  Most rings will confer an intrinsic or a combat or stat
modifier; see rint-343.txt and drgn-343.txt for descriptions of the
intrinsics involved. It is possible to obtain an effect permanently by
polymorphing into a metallivore or gelatinous cube (depending on the
appearance of the ring; see below) and eating the ring.  There is only
a 1/3 chance of obtaining the effect this way ("Magic spreads through
your body as you digest the ring.").  Note that the effect of eating
rings that affect stats (gain constitution, gain strength, adornment)
will not persist when you change from this form. Eating a ring of free
action will confer sleep resistance instead.  Rings of slow digestion
may not be eaten ("This ring is indigestible!").

Meat rings have no effect when worn, but can be eaten as normal food
(see food-343.txt). The appearances of other rings are randomized from
the following descriptions.
These can be eaten by any metallivore (rock mole, rust monster, or xorn):
    pearl       iron        twisted     steel       wire
    engagement  shiny
The following can additionally be eaten by metallivores not restricted to
rustprone metals (rock mole or xorn):
    bronze      brass       copper      silver      gold
The following can be eaten by gelatinous cubes:
These appearances cannot be eaten by any monster:
    granite     opal        clay        coral       black onyx
    moonstone   tiger eye   jade        agate       topaz
    sapphire    ruby        diamond     ivory       emerald
You can determine the appearance of already identified rings using the
discoveries command (\).

Wearing a ring (other than a chargeable ring at +0) will increase the
rate at which you get hungry; see food-343.txt.

Identifying rings using sinks
When a ring is dropped on top of a sink, you will get a message that
can help you identify the ring.  Note that most messages require that
you are not blind, and the ring of hunger requires that there is a
(preferably worthless) object already on the sink; if these are not the
case, you will just get "You hear the ring bouncing down the drain pipe."
Except for the rings of searching and slow digestion, there is a 95% chance
that the ring will fall down the drain and you will lose it forever.

RING                      MESSAGE
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~
meat ring                 "Several flies buzz around the sink."
                          Works when blind.

adornment                 "The faucets flash brightly for a moment."

hunger                    If you are unblind and there are any items on
                          the sink (except ball or chain) and they fail a
                          resistance roll, they disappear:
                          "Suddenly, <item> vanishes from the sink!"

protection                "The sink glows silver/black for a moment."
                          depending on non-negative/negative enchantment.

prot from shape changers  "The sink looks nothing like a fountain."

stealth                   "The sink seems to blend into the floor for a

sustain ability           "The water flow seems fixed."
                          Works when blind.

warning                   "The sink glows white for a moment."

aggravate monster         "Several flies buzz angrily around the sink."
                          Works when blind.

cold resistance           "The cold water faucet flashes brightly for a

gain constitution         "The water flow seems greater/lesser now."
                          depending on non-negative/negative enchantment.
                          Works when blind.

gain strength             "The water flow seems stronger/weaker now."
                          depending on non-negative/negative enchantment.
                          Works when blind.

increase accuracy         "The water flow hits/misses the drain."
                          depending on non-negative/negative enchantment.
                          Works when blind.

increase damage           "The water's force seems greater/smaller now."
                          depending on non-negative/negative enchantment.
                          Works when blind.

invisibility              "You don't see anything happen to the sink."

poison resistance         "You smell rotten <fruit>."
                          Works when blind.

see invisible             "You see some air in the sink."

shock resistance          "Static electricity surrounds the sink."
                          Works when blind.

fire resistance           "The hot water faucet flashes brightly for a

free action               "You see the ring slide right down the drain!"

levitation                "The sink quivers upward for a moment."
                          Works when blind.

regeneration              "The sink looks as good as new."

searching                 "You thought your ring got lost in the sink,
                           but there it is!"
                          You never lose the ring.
                          Works when blind.

slow digestion            "The ring is regurgitated!"
                          You never lose the ring.
                          Works when blind.

teleportation             "The sink momentarily vanishes."

conflict                  "You hear loud noises coming from the drain."
                          Works when blind.

polymorph                 "The sink momentarily looks like a fountain."

polymorph control         "The sink momentarily looks like a regularly
                           erupting geyser."

teleport control          "The sink looks like it is being beamed aboard

Thanks to Bruce Cox for proofreading the original version of this file.
Further corrections and clarifications provided by Irina Rempt.

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