Scroll of knowledge

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? Scroll.png
Name knowledge
Appearance random
Base price SpliceHack: 20
Hack'EM: 50 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write N/A
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of knowledge is a scroll that appears in SpliceHack and Hack'EM. When read, it can reveal the randomized appearances of items.


2% of randomly generated scrolls in the dungeon will be a scroll of knowledge. The scroll cannot be written with a magic marker.


In Hack'EM, Archeologists start the game with a non-cursed scroll of knowledge.


When read, the scroll auto-identifies itself and prompts the player for the name of a non-artifact item and reveals what the named item's randomized appearance is: reading a cursed or uncursed scroll will reveal the appearance of one item, while reading a blessed scroll will reveal the appearance of two items. If read while confused, the scroll will auto-identify with no other effect.


Scrolls of knowledge can be used to identify items that you either seek, such as the ring of conflict and ring of slow digestion, or else want to avoid, such as the scroll of amnesia. In particular, you can pre-identify the labels of scrolls that you wish to write with a magic marker, e.g. the scroll of charging. For an early game character, it might be worth revealing the appearance of a poisonous cloak to make trying on new cloaks easier.

In Hack'EM, since every role starts with knowledge of the scroll of identify, the scroll of knowledge's base price is raised to 50zm in order to make it less trivial to price-identify.


The scroll of knowledge was introduced in SpliceHack as "Essentially scrolls of reverse identify, like those that appear in Nethack, the Next Generation."[1]

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