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A scroll of wishing is an item that exist in NetHack Fourk and Slash'EM Extended. In Fourk, they can't be wished for and don't generate randomly, but 3 are guaranteed at Orcus, Vlad's Tower's top floor and Wizard's Tower's top floor. In addition, some castle variants, rather than having the guaranteed wand of wishing has a couple of scrolls of wishing instead.

In Fourk, scrolls of wishing when blessed give slightly higher quality wishes than normal wishes do in that amount and enchantment adds +2 to the random check to see if you get just a single one, or just +0. This means that wishing for +3 is guaranteed, wishing for 3 of something is guaranteed, and you can potentially wish for something up to +7, or 7 of something. Cursed scrolls will not give any wish. You can also wish for a magic lamp with them if blessed.

In Slash'EM Extended, scrolls of wishing are generated randomly but can't be wished for. They behave like normal wishes, except the BUC status of the scroll matters: blessed scrolls always give you a wish even with maximum negative luck, and cursed scrolls will not give you a wish no matter what (but can give you a cursed artifact that automatically gets equipped on your character).

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