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Below is the full text to dat/wizhelp from NetHack 3.4.3.

See also Wizard mode for longer description.

Debug-Mode Quick Reference:

^E  ==  detect secret doors and traps.
^F  ==  do magic mapping.
^G  ==  create monster.
^I  ==  identify items in pack.
^O  ==  tell locations of special levels.
^T  ==  do intra-level teleport.
^V  ==  do trans-level teleport.
^W  ==  make wish.
^X  ==  show attributes including intrinsic attributes.

#levelchange == change experience level
#lightsources == show mobile light sources
#monpolycontrol == control monster polymorphs
#panic == panic test
#polyself == polymorph self
#seenv == show seen vectors
#stats == show memory statistics
#timeout == look at timeout queue
#vision == show vision array
#wmode == show wall modes