Spellbook of detect treasure

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spellbook of
+   detect treasure   Light green spellbook.png
Appearance random
Abundance 2.03%
Base price 400 zm
Weight 50
Turns to read 15
Ink to write 20–39
Spell type divination
Level 4
Power cost 20 Pw
Direction non-directional
Equivalent potion of object detection
Special for Rogue

In NetHack, the spellbook of detect treasure can be read to learn the spell of detect treasure. It is a level 4 divination spell, and the spellbook takes roughly 15 turns to read. It is the special spell for Rogues.


There is a ~2.03% chance that a randomly generated spellbook is a spellbook of detect treasure.


When cast, the spell generally has the same effect as a potion of object detection, depending on the skill level it is cast at[1] - at Basic skill or lower the spell reveals the location and item type of every object on the level and exercises wisdom. At Skilled or higher, the spell reveals the location and item type of every object on the level, and additionally reveals the appearance of every item on the ground and in your inventory, as if you had seen them yourself.


Like the potion of object detection, the spell of detect treasure can be used to prioritize items when exploring, such as finding the Castle chest with the wand of wishing or finding vaults that are not looted yet by revealing the 2x2 square of gold contained within.

Though somewhat difficult to cast for most roles without training in divination spells, once a player can reliably cast the spell it may be preferable to the potion of object detection: though the potion is commonplace, multiple potions are decently heavy to carry and excess ones are usually diluted into water for other purposes. Conversely, detect treasure can be cast so long as you have the energy available to, though that energy cost may be high depending on armor and failure rates, unless you have energy to spare or else do not expend much of it in combat.


The spellbook of detect treasure is introduced with all other spellbooks in NetHack 1.3d.


The spell generates the same messages as the potion of object detection.


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