Sprig of catnip

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% File:Sprig of catnip.png
Name sprig of catnip
Base price 7 zm
Nutrition 40
Turns to eat 1
Weight 1
Conduct vegan

Catnip is a vegan food that first appeared in SpliceHack as a "pinch of catnip" and later in Hack'EM as the "sprig of catnip".

Throwing catnip as any feline type will tame and confuse it. It is also a suitable food for herbivorous pets. When thrown, catnip will be used up when it hits the ground, "Catnip flies everywhere!". If you eat catnip while polymorphed into a feline form you get the message ("Wow! That was excellent!") and are confused for 2d8 (more) turns. Otherwise it says "Blech! That was not very enjoyable." Any felines that eat catnip will get confused.

In Hack'EM, sprigs of catnip also count as an herb for the Dungeon Growths patch and will slowly propagate themselves if left alone on the ground.

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