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A star vampire is a Lovecraftian monster encountered in SLASH'EM.


Star vampires possesses six tentacle attacks, three of which can drain life. They are very fast, have excellent base AC, and are always generated invisible

Although represented by the V glyph, star vampires are not actually undead, and thus are not immune to attacks such as drain life and death rays, as proper vampires are.


The star vampire is the only monster besides the (master) mind flayer to have a tentacle attack. The message one sees when attacked is "The star vampire's tentacles suck you!" One should note that although this is the same message as the mind flayer, the star vampire does not eat your brain; its attacks 'merely' do physical damage and possibly level drain. One should also note that, unlike the mind flayer, a ring of free action does not protect you against the star vampire's attacks, like it does protect against mind flayer attacks in SLASH'EM.


Due to their speed and high number of attacks, star vampires can dish out incredible amounts of physical damage, particularly to characters with poor AC. Because of this, one should always seek to destroy them alone if possible, and if surrounded, keep in mind they do respect Elbereth. Magic cancellation or drain resistance is a must to protect against their draining attacks, although this should not be a problem by the time one encounters them.

Be mindful of fighting petrifying monsters around star vampires. They will cause the game to spam you with anywhere from six to nine messages per turn, depending on your speed, making it quite easy to miss the vital "You are slowing down" and "Your limbs are stiffening" messages.

If you have polymorph control, the star vampire makes an excellent polymorph form because of the same qualities that make it a fearsome opponent: a high base level, flight, speed, regeneration, flying, unbreathing, and the ability to wear most kinds of armor, not to mention powerful attacks. Star vampires cannot get magic resistance from a cloak or dragon scale mail, however, so players should take appropriate precautions or ensure another source (Magicbane, a quest artifact, etc.)


The star vampire is a monster from the Cthulhu Mythos, though not one created by Lovecraft. Star vampire are extraterrestrials that lack a specific shape and have a myriad of sucker tentacles. Though they also feed on blood, they are not to be confused with the usual undead vampires.

Encyclopedia Entry

A creature from beyond the stars. Invisible, it floats along until it finds something to feed upon and then draws its life energy and blood into itself. It is said that they become briefly visible just after they have eaten and that this is such a terrible sight it can drive a mortal insane.