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The stumbling horror is a monster added in dNetHack. It is part of the U class, which in dNetHack indicates an "unknown abomination". The statistics for this monster, along with wandering and shambling horrors, are randomized every game.

  • The speed is anywhere from 6 to 18 (slow to fast)
  • The AC is anywhere from 10 to -20
  • The MR is anywhere from 0 to 100
  • The alignment is anywhere from 8 to -8.
  • A horror has up to 4 attacks, each with a random attack type and damage type.
    • The damage types encompass almost every type in the game, excluding rider-only attacks, lycanthrope attacks, seduction (nymph or foocubus) attacks, and lethe attacks.
    • Not every damage type is possible for each attack type, inclusions are mostly based on whether there is a pre-existing monster with that attack combination already.
  • The size can be anything from tiny to gigantic.
  • The corpse weight and nutrition will match the size, but this doesn't matter, as horrors will never leave a corpse.
  • The sounds will always be a random humanoid sound.
  • The horror then gets up to 17 flags of each type (resistances, resistances conveyed, movement pattern, etc.)
    • The horror will never be polymorphable, always hostile, and never a werecreature.
    • Any contradictory flags (such as MT_ANIMAL and MT_MINDLESS) are filtered out with one chosen.
  • The horror will have a random type of internal organs, one of none, normal, or non-differentiated (homogenous) organs.
  • The horror will have a level based on its attacks and flags, but always above 11.
    • If the horror should have a level below 11 based on attacks and flags, the entire horror will be regenerated.
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