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Arch-Liches definitely do not make formidable pets, because they tend not to use their full strength when they are a pet. These Arch-Liches (around Level 25) gain much experience when they accompany the Player so they can reach farther than Level 35 ( I had once a Level 37 Arch - Lich as a pet). The worst is, when you abandon them, you just need about 10 or 20 turns and they are free and your enemy. And be told, a Level 37 Arch-Lich is much harder to kill than the Wizard of Yendor or one of the Riders. So i can tell you, do not make an Arch-Lich a pet, its just too much trouble. Btw, yes I got that 37 at least and killed him after a very long fight.

I changed the pet information so it wouldn't give false advice. If anyone has better information, it would be much appreciated. I don't use pets myself, and I've never even been strong enough to see an arch-lich let alone tame one. --MadDawg2552 01:41, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
That's really strange, that you never met one, you have good chances to meet some at least one Level deeper than the Castle Level.

I were unlucky some days ago and met one at Dungeonlevel 8, myself only Level 10 and I asked myself what does a 25 Arch-Lich do at this low-level..

Btw. you cannot charm an Arch-Lich, but you can charm a Lich and let him ascend to Arch-Lich (you know Lich, Demi-Lich,Master-Lich-> Arch Lich) [Jin Tsu]