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Wouldn't it be more effective / safer to do the polypiling work in the Astral Plane sanctuary? I'm thinking of

  • bring 9 bags of holding, several cursed genocide, MagicBane, essential spellbooks (polymorph, create monsters, remove curse, force bolt, charm monster, ...), 3-4 wands of Elbereth, lots of cursed create monster, The Eye, two leashes and your level 30 wizard to the Astral Plane.
  • clear the Astral Plane of all distractions, including the riders, using the acid blob trick. Wield Magicbane against curses.
  • kill only those blobs inside the sanctuary of your goal temple. Burn Elbereth everywhere to keep monsters from picking up boulders or oozing through the door. As long as the priest lives, only (A)ngels will be able to hit you, and those are vulnurable to stoning.
  • Get a cockatrice corpse (reverse genocide or lay eggs), create lots of monsters and make a statue park. Polymorph statues until you have 5-6 boulders, then smash the rest up for rocks.
  • boulder the high priest up. This requires some patience. The priest will randomly pick a spot next to the altar and then attempt to move towards it - exploit that.
  • Drop the Amulet under a boulder.
  • make more rocks as above, and polymorph them to gems (#naming and stacking tricks).
  • When satisfied, reverse genocide giants, tame them, equip them with the bags of gems, and ascend. You might need to kill the priest and get rid of the boulders beforehand if you want to ascend with 10 pets.

The polymorph part just cries for a bot. -Tjr 14:42, 15 June 2009 (UTC)