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Some stuff I'd add, but can't think of a good way to word it into the article, if it should even be added:

  • Inediate monsters don't hunger. I'd say this should be included simply so it doesn't sound like a tame angel will eventually starve to death because it can't eat or something similar.
  • Additionally, polymorphing into an inediate monster will prevent your own natural hunger, functioning much like a ring of slow digestion.
  • Self-polymorph never restricts your diet. Polymorphing into a carnivore still lets you eat apples, polymorphing into an inediate monster doesn't prevent you from eating anything, etc. The only difference is the messages you get for eating corpses: normally all corpses taste terrible, but polymorphing into an carnivore will make meaty corpses delicious, polymorphing into an herbivore makes vegan corpses delicious. Interestingly carnivores still consider apples etc to be delicious.
    • As a result, I'd also declare the monk player class to be an herbivore: the player monster is, and a monk eating a lichen will be told it tastes delicious. A monk is still able to eat meaty corpses/tripe, but so can a player polymorphed into a clearly herbivorous creature, e.g. a horse.

Qazmlpok 18:32, 9 January 2011 (UTC)

Further todos

Merge (or delimit and interlink) this page with nutrition, comestible, Starvation, and the appropriate sections from pacifist and foodless.

  • Xorns can eat tins IIRC
  • standardize on "starving" instead of "very hungry"
  • explain what hungry and starving means
  • link to omnivore etc earlier or make the intro shorter
  • more special cases, e.g. yetis and bananas
  • consolidate the repetitions in the herbi/carni/omni sections
  • link to a "food for pets article" that needs to be fleshed out from domestic_animals
  • Pets can't choke, non-tame monsters don't eat. Exceptions: metallivores, cubes, hulks. (ghouls?)
  • monsters don't gain intrinics by eating
    • intelligent pet patch by grunt
  • SLASHEM is different

I'm sorry, I've had enough wiki-ing for today.--Tjr 15:46, 12 January 2011 (UTC)

  • Consider the addition of Vampire diets to this article? Specifically for SLASHEM. It is a relatively important mechanic for the race. Ipslne 05:34, 8 February 2011 (UTC)