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I was trying to find out how many / what items are generated in the "normal" dungeon. It appears that makelevel() in src/mklev.c does most of that.

It creates rooms up to MAXNROFROOMS (40) as long as there is space for them.

Dungeon features and items are then done for each (normal) room separately:

  • 1/3 chance (1/1 if you have the amulet) of a sleeping monster.
  (giant spider also creates a web trap)
  • 1/10 chance of a fountain
  • 1/60 chance of a sink
  • 1/60 chance of an altar
  • 1/(80-depth*2) max 1/2 chance of a grave
  • 1/20 chance of a statue
  • 1/(nr. of rooms*5/2) chance of a box(66%)/chest(33%)
  • 1/(27+3*depth) chance of an graffiti
  • 1/3 chance of first item, then 1/5 chance for each additional item

So basically you do have to visit all rooms to get the chances at all the loot (not like the mines where you have 1 guaranteed tool).

Does anyone think this is a) correct, b) worthy of inclusion on this page? --Preceding unsigned comment added by Sec42 (talkcontribs) 16:38, 17 December 2012‎

I did the legwork for an object generation spoiler some time ago: User:Tjr/object_generation_spoiler. Yes, it is worth documenting. No, it doesn't belong on this page. --Tjr (talk) 22:16, 17 December 2012 (UTC)