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The meatball misses the <Dog/Cat>

I'm trying to use a meatball to tame a wild little dog. I throw it at the dog. Instead of catching it, it "misses". The dog becomes peaceful as if I had thrown vegan food at him, but not tame as is expected. I've tamed dogs with meatballs before, but all of a sudden I can't do it in this game. Meatballs shouldn't ever rot from my experience (eating one gave the normal 'This meatball is delicious!' message), and I've even been able to tame wild animals with cursed food. Why is this failing all of a sudden? If it at all matters, I have a Vampire Lord pet right now. -- Qazmlpok 03:49, January 4, 2010 (UTC)

Anger the dog and retry. You can anger it by throwing a non-gold, non-food object at it or casting a spell. Pacifists and protection runners need to watch their alignment record. I don't think dogs going peaceful has anything to do with the quality of the food - corpses work, too. -Tjr 11:42, January 4, 2010 (UTC)


The obvious use of meatballs is to increase tameness of your carnivorous pets. They will gain a point of tameness (up to 20) each time they eat in your presence. Tame pets are easier to handle and follow you more closely. This is especially important if you are polytrap-dancing for a non-eating pet, or if you are splitting tame puddings.

which is it? -- 12:53, 9 November 2012 (UTC)
Both. What you do is you use meatballs to feed a pet dog or whatever. Then you use a polymorph trap and turn them into a inediate pet. The result is a pet that won't waste time eating but still has 20 tameness.
SLASH'EM lets you do the reverse instead: take an inediate pet, e.g. a kirin, turn it into a dog or anything else, and force feed it meatballs. It will revert to its original form and keep the new tameness. -- Qazmlpok (talk) 14:30, 9 November 2012 (UTC)