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Goblins and hobgoblins may not be called orcs, but for all intents and purposes (particularly, sacrificing at altars or Sting and Orcrist), they are, so I think the article should reflect that, if nobody objects.

The RNG must be Chaotic

(wizard, human, neutral, XP8-9, AC7)
While trying to flee Sokoban across its bottom-most floor, I was accosted and cornered by a squad of (normal) orcs. My pet warhorse and I mowed them down with only minor damage taken but the another troop, Hill orcs this time, spawned just as we finished. One of them, in the back, had a Wand of create monster which brought even worse things and I was unable to keep any of those orcs from using up its charges. My warhorse died and I just barely survived. I took a turn or two to lick my wounds, partially helped by having gained a level during combat, and without fail a third squad of Uruk-hai spawned right on top of me, blocking me from escape again. And completing the slaughter. --FJH 03:22, 25 December 2010 (UTC) (Merry Christmas)