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polymorphing pet

I have a very unusual pet. It may have originally been a Xorn or a humanoid monster that was generated with the Ring of Polymorph in its inventory since there were no rings like that yet in the dunegon. The pet changes form every few turns or so (when I tamed it, I thought it was a pony). Is there any way to alleviate it of its polymorphic plight? FJH 22:07, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

No. You tamed a chameleon that was in the form of a pony. It has nothing to do with a ring of polymorph; monsters can't make sure of any rings. It'll probably get itself killed fairly quickly. Abandon it if you want, they're not very useful as pets. -- Qazmlpok 22:42, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

Strategy: polymorphing withouth control

So, is it a good technique to wear an uncursed ring of polymorph, wait until you morph into something powerful, and then take it off? Does experience and levels carry on to your original body after your polymorphed form dies?

On rare occasions, I've seen a speed ascender taking a gamble with uncontrolled polymorph. In my opinion, the risk is high and the reward low: The main advantage of polymorph are powerful monster forms, and a second set of hit points to burn through. If you are low-level, powerful forms will time out fast (unless you have unchanging, but then you die where you would have rehumanized). Plus, most of the time, the ring will turn you into something weak, slow, without hands etc.
Things are perhaps a bit different if you need a specific monster ability and can wait things out in a safe area. Each turn, you have a 1% chance to turn into any of 269 equally likely, non-human, non-limited edition species.
Gained experience levels do carry over to your base form. Tjr 11:09, September 21, 2010 (UTC)