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I made some fairly wide-ranging changes to the page (copying over my foolish recent edits at I mentioned that the uses of Elbereth are no longer applicable in 3.6.0. Are there other things that need updating, or can we update the page tag to 3.6.0 now? Thanks. Update: I did it already. -Tartley (talk) 17:45, 11 August 2016 (UTC)


The article currently defines a stash as "a safe repository of useful kit." Why not also a safe repository of useless junk? I have personally never left anything useful behind me - I just drop the least useful stuff if I need to. I usually find/wish for a bag (of holding) early enough for that not to be a problem. Wands are bad as monsters could use them against me but I don't need 47 wands of striking myself, so I just stash those somewhere safe and forget about them. Sometimes I leave large amounts of money in a stash and come get them later, but often the Fort Ludios or a new gold stash is closer than the old one, so I can forget about that too. The surroundings of the altars I find often look like junk yards. --ZeroOne 13:42, 28 July 2006 (UTC)