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werespider and random generation

I have come across two randomly generated werespiders in slashem. One was in the black market I don't remeber were the other one was. Oddly I had genocided werespiders. The article states that weresnakes and werespiders are not randomly generatd. I am playing a extinctionist light game right now. I have genocided everything except n P and b. I have made number of other specsis go extinct so I think that since everything is dead the low problaity monsters are coming out. So its not that werespiders don't randomly generate its just they have a low likilyhood of doing so 03:42, 18 December 2010 (UTC)

Not randomly generated means not randomly generated. The exceptions are when a specific class of monsters is requested and when the dungeon is aligned. That is why you can see hatchling nagas in minetown, oracle level etc, despite not being randomly generated. The rampant genocide probably just force the game to pick a werespider and other non-genocidable monsters when you entered Sam's market. Also, although you genocided were spiders, both forms can't be genocided so it's perfectly possible for the ungenocidable form to still appear. And since the werecreatures were clearly intended to all be ungenocidable, it's possible that lycanthropes don't check to see if the new form has been genocided. -- Qazmlpok 03:53, 18 December 2010 (UTC)