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Uranium imps are a new minor demon added in UnNetHack. When a uranium imp is hit in melee, both the imp and the attacker are teleported together to a random location on the same level, so a fight with one can lead to hopping all over the level. A player with teleport control can sometimes choose the destination, but will still be accompanied there by the uranium imp. This power is nullified on non-teleport levels.


Uranium imps don't deal dangerous amounts of damage, but their teleportation can land an unsuspecting player in a dangerous situation. Additionally, they can very easily separate adventurers from their pets.

Teleport control isn't a perfect defense against the teleportation ability; 413 of the time, the teleportation will be "too chaotic to control" and the location will be random despite teleport control. The 413 chance is a reference to the source material for uranium imps—the number 413 keeps showing up throughout the story.

However, you don't have to fight them—if you #chat with them, they will run away for 10–30 turns. This is a reference to the uranium imp's source material, Homestuck, in which a bunch of imps are "defeated" by the main character yelling at them to leave. The source code acknowledges this reference with a comment "/* That is IT. EVERYBODY OUT. You are DEAD SERIOUS. */" before defining the fleeing behavior.


Despite being imbued with reality-warping powers by the Green Sun, these trouble-making servants of darkness seem unaware of their true power, and probably would run away if yelled at.

GG: those stupid things are impossible to kill :(
TG: no you can kill them
TG: youll get better dont worry

[ Homestuck Act 5, by Andrew Hussie ]