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Hi, I'm Paul. I've been playing NetHack for decades, but only learned how to ascend thanks to the myriad of tips and information here on this site. Hell, I never even made it as far as Gehennom (notice the bad pun?) before I found this site, one YASD after another.

I teach English (despite being trained as a botanist!) in Asia, and as such am a bit of a stickler for usage, grammar and spelling, but I vow to make most of my contributions of a more useful sort as I continue to play this most awesome game.

Seriously, my students can't believe this is the ONLY computer game I play, but I do my best to describe to them its finer qualities over the graphics-bloated crap they waste their lives on these days. I even tried tiles once and found it less appealing than good ol' ASCII. I am on my own sort of "quest" to bring people back to the more cognitively challenging recreation (addiction?) that NetHack offers, though the language/culture barriers of my current state make it a challenge in and of itself.

Wouldn't it be amazing if NH were translated into Chinese? A scary and appealing thought at the same time...hey DevTeam, are you reading this?