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These are things we may need to address in NetHack 4 for 4.3 beta3:

  • 698 The game over sequence is insufficiently reliable
  • 939 When polyselfed into a xorn, player must hit > 18 times to dig a hole
  • 823 Trap detection can reveal strangely-placed traps that disappear when in LOS
  • 868 networkmotd might not work on Windows
  • 869 Sidebar resizing is delayed until the next manual map refresh
  • 889 autoexplore loop
  • 892 Endgame monsters should not be trivially defeated via invisbility
  • 899 Dragons don't generate on the Healer quest for low-experience-level Healers
  • 936 The Wizard of Yendor now beats the High Priest of Moloch in a fight
  • 937 Sometimes you get combat messages despite not being able to see any of the monsters involved
  • 950 If a monster is caught in a gas spore explosion not caused by you, it turns hostile

Things we may be able to punt to post-beta3:

  • 522 Allow disabling menu borders and changing menu placement algorithms

Things that were on the list in Trac but have been addressed adequately for beta3:

  • 442 aimake eats up all RAM and starts swapping
  • 564 High score table fails to find games.
  • 622 Reduce size of save files
  • 814 Pets cast spells that they should not cast
  • 876 Attempting to #monster while polyinit into an arch-lich segfaults
  • 906 log files may get incorrect permissions if created after installation
  • 951 Pets occasionally turn hostile after a very short period of not being at the same dlvl as you
  • 811 Messages about pet being in the way display when they should not
  • 888 eating a tin from the ground prompts for the item repeatedly