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About me

Hi, I've been playing NetHack since about November 2008. I am still somewhat new to the game, but I am good enough to have activated the quest portal as a Monk, Knight, and Wizard, and they weren't even on wizard or explore mode. I can usually get to minetown, go past the oracle, and survive for a few levels. So I guess that shows ' 'completely' ' new to the game. I also write for Dudley's Dungeon.

I used to only use monks until I found out how difficult their quest was. (I couldn't even get to the grand master) I now mostly use knights, (I love their lance and horse) and I occasionally use monks. Rangers are also a favorite. Right now I don't care if I ascend, I only care if I beat the quest.

I just had my best game. About 30,000 points as a Law-hum-mal-kni. King Arthur accepted me, but I soon died. Maybe I should try to earn a better AC.

My horse and I battle a gnome
Something that I find strange is that I simply cannot stand playing ASCII NetHack! I have gotten about 15000 points on tiles but I can barely get 6000 points on ASCII! Another thing that is strange is that I am better at SLASH 'EM than NetHack. In SLASH 'EM I have gotten 20000 points as a mon-dop-mal-neu. Probably because they have a bazillion techniq


Games I own

ASCII NetHack, Tiles NetHack, Vulture's eye, Vulture's claw, noeGNUd, account, SLASH 'EM, qt Nethack, Falcon's eye iNetHack

There's probably more that I can't think of.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my and dudley's New dungeon account name is ajbRad.