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I have been a NetHack 3.4.3 player since September 29, 2006. I can frequently be seen on games on, and channel #nethack on Freenode, mostly on times after 19:00, GMT+2.


I started NetHack playing as Valkyrie only (with a few changes to Monk). After some time and numerous deaths and annoyances, Wizard was my next choice, until I came to the conclusion it was too hard. Therefore, I went back to playing Valkyrie only. My aim is to ascend first, before playing other classes. 75 games as Valkyrie have been played at the time of writing!

Often, I apply different strategies for his Valkyrie games. They range from sane strategies, to total whacked strategies. For instance, sometimes I quaff every potion and read every scroll at early levels in the hope of identifying them quickly for usage. And other times, I take major precautions (as in price-ID'ing, checking BUC status using pets, naming every item which is known to be cursed or uncursed). Sometimes, quaffing and reading every scroll tends to be very helpful. Although after identifying a few scrolls I usually stop applying this strategy and start playing normally.



  • Have finally ascended on my 100th game as a valkyrie!

My lessons learned the hard way

  • Never try to teleport away in Sokoban when in danger;
  • Do not put unidentified wands in a bag of holding (exploded mine in my first ascension game)
  • Repeatedly quaffing from fountains (hoping to get a water demon for a wish) has a negative result on your inventory. Next time, dip;
  • Do not play a wizard as if it was a valkyrie;

Best games

See the The NAO website.