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This page lists known bugs of Slash'EM Extended that aren't fixed yet. Any information that may help fixing them is appreciated; this is especially true for serious bugs that crash the game or (even worse) break savegame files.

  • Sometimes if a monster dies or certain other things happen, the game gives a "dmonsfree: 1 removed doesn't match 2 pending" disorder message. The game still runs afterwards but sometimes monsters come back to life after saving and restoring; the exact cause is still unknown. Might be related to vampiric players?
  • Certain events can trigger a "cant find o_id <number>" message, sometimes followed by a game crash that may leave an unrecoverable savegame file. As long as I can't find a way to fix this serious bug, all players are advised to regularly back up their savegames so they don't lose all progress if the bug strikes; being able to track down and fix this bug would be great... It might or might not be related to any of the following: monsters spawning with cockatrice corpses, monsters with special corpse generation being killed while dropping items on death, or monsters being killed while they are in a pit.
  • Certain other events can trigger an "obj_is_local" panic which may also cause savegame files to be unrecoverable. Looking at the source of old SLASH'EM versions and certain other variants suggests it has to do with light sources but I currently can't reproduce it...
  • Rarely, the game segfaults on changing dungeon levels, leaving files that may or may not be recoverable into a playable savegame file. No clue why this is happening, as it doesn't seem to be easily reproducible.
  • The game may sometimes appear to hang when monsters are spawning. Often the remedy for this is to give it a while (a minute or two); if it still didn't unfreeze by then, killing the window might be the only option, which should cause the game to save, but this has a small chance of bugging the savegame file so be careful!
  • (didn't happen in a long while, unknown if still there) Some systems seem to have a bug with level-drain attacks that can cause them to instantly kill the character. Again, I can't reproduce it, and the level drain code doesn't seem to have any bugs, but until someone finds out what is causing this, players who are experiencing this bug may want to use items with high magic cancellation and drain resistance.
  • Dying with a lit lightsaber can cause a "program in disorder" message if a later character then encounters the bones file.
  • If the player is using the Missingno race and turns off the "missing_safety" option, the game will frequently crash, sometimes leaving unrecoverable saves. This is actually done by design, but in order to actually play a full game with that race, keep missing_safety on!
  • Entering certain dungeon levels can print a "rnd(1) attempted - program in disorder" message. Other causes for this bug exist too. The exact cause of this is not known but it doesn't seem to adversely affect anything.