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One possible way to improve the function of the skill system is to give players more skills that they will want to spend points on. The skills bellow are inspired by some of 1st and 2nd edition D&D's nonweapon proficiencies (which actually use a different resource than weapon proficiencies do).

  • Alchemy - Potion ID?, success rate when dipping? Number of potions that can be simultaneously dipped into another potion?
  • Arcanology - Magic ID (+s on weapons and armor, maybe wands?)
  • Appraising - Gem ID, Price ID?
  • Diplomacy - More creatures spawn peaceful
  • Jumping - Alows jumping.
  • Swimming - dnethack specific: gives swimming
  • Alms - Improves results when giving money to priests?
  • Bargain - Decreases shop prices
  • Bribery - Bribe enemies to leave you alone
  • Deep diving - dnh specific: Increases breath capacity