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Amateur contributer to UnNetHack.

New role proposal WIP:

Spellsword Role:

This role is intended to fill several empty niches in UnNetHack. First, it is a role where you are expected to use offensive magic throughout the game. The only other role like this is Wizard. Priests are clearly defensive magic users, and Monks are generalists with their own playstyle unique playstyle.

Secondly, the role is a true glass cannon. It encourages strategies that rely on outmanuvering the enemy and the application of overwhelming force.

Spellsword encyclopedia entry, first draft.

   Spellswords are the adrenaline junkies of the adventurer world- dedicated to the rush of battle and the thrill of inflicting grievous wounds both magical and physical. They abandon the use of armor to focus on overwhelming power and untouchable speed.


Spellswords have high Strength and Intelligence, but low wisdom and very low constitution.

Spellswords, like monks, have strict penalties for wearing body armor. Wearing any body armor other than leather jacket or dragon scales (NOT dragon scale mail) makes them strained regardless of how much they are carrying.

Due to their training in the use of magic and swordplay, Spellswords have a special ability related to using twohanded weapons. Maybe they use them one handed, or when the weapon is cursed still be able to use one hand. Maybe they have the curse absorbing power of Magicbane.

Maybe they have bonus pw, to offset their low wisdom.

Intrinsics: Spellswords start with Speed. They get warning at 15, like other caster roles.

Starting Equipment: a +0 or +1 two handed sword. Maybe a leather jacket?

Potions of gain energy, maybe, to offset their low starting wisdom.

2 spell books. One is a blessed book of either drain life or magic missile, the other is a random book from one of it’s other unrestricted schools. I haven’t decided on the specifics yet.

More stuff- some armor, and maybe some scrolls/rings/wands/tools. This is not an area where I am certain.

Skills: Spellswords are restricted in all ranged weapons, including daggers. That is what magic is for. They can reach expert in two-handed swords, axes,and polearms and skilled in quarterstaff, pick-axe, and unicorn horns. Two handed weapons are their speciality.

Spell wise they are anti-priests: they reach expert in attack, enchantment, and escape and are restricted otherwise.

They do not ride, and do not twoweapon.

Quest and Flavor:

Their quest artifact is a two handed sword that gives you pw for every point of damage it inflicts. Perhaps if it is flavored as able to absorb magical energy is should also give magic resistance and a chance at cancellation?

Spellswords are either Chaotic or Lawful. It requires a drive that neutrality lacks.

Having just realized that they quest artifact reminds me of Celes from Final Fantasy 6, I think a slight FF6 theme could work well. So the Gods would be the original names for the FF6 warring triad- Sophia for lawfuls, Sefilos for Neutrals, and Zurvan for Chaotics.