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Just a notepad for things I've discovered playing NetHack 3.6.0 so far... spoilers ahead-ish.

- Rusty body armor will prevent you from mounting a horse

- New scroll names (FNORD, ZLORFIK)

- Walking into a closed door attempts to open it, not bump into it

- If the creature you are riding is still eating, it will walk around, but not climb or descend stairs.

- Statues (at least sometimes) look like gray versions of the creatures they are, not just the generic statue glyph (in tiles).

- Room lighting is different when it's a lit room that you can see versus a room you remember. A darker shade of lit...

- Targeting enemies for pounding seems smarter -- 'a'pplying my lance auto-targeted the only enemy in range every time.

- Gnomes have CANDLES???

- Walking on an unpaid object in a shop reports the price ("You see here an orange gem (133 zorkmids).")

- More options when looting -- Take out, put in, both, both reversed (i.e., put in and then take out), look in, and 's'tash a single item. Awesome.

- Blessed identify scrolls don't necessarily identify more than one thing. (Didn't they always? Was it luck dependent? I think my luck is at least neutral right now...)

- Elbereth does not seem to work worth a damn.

- Dipping for Excalibur still works as soon as you hit level 5... thank heavens. Without Elbereth, I needed at least SOME E-word help.