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A space-separated list of specific situations where alternate prompting is desired. The default is paranoid_confirmation:pray.

Option Description
Confirm for any prompts which are set to require "yes" rather than 'y', also require "no" to reject instead of accepting any non-yes response as no
quit require "yes" rathern than 'y' to confirm quitting the game or switching into non-scoring explore mode
die require "yes" rather than 'y' to confirm dying (applies only to explore mode)
bones require "yes" rather than 'y' to confirm saving bones data when dying in debug mode
attack require "yes" rather than 'y' to confirm attacking a peaceful monster
pray require 'y' to confirm an attempt to pray rather than immediately praying; on by default
wand require "yes" rather than 'y' to confirm breaking a wand
Remove require selection from inventory for R and T commands even when wearing just one applicable item

By default, the pray choice is enabled, the others disabled. To disable it without setting any of the other choices, use paranoid_confirmation:none. To keep it enabled while setting any of the others, include it in the list:

OPTIONS=paranoid_confirmation:attack pray Remove