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NAO is moving to a faster server!

Both and NAO lived on until recently. The wiki has moved to, and is working much faster than before. NAO (and are moving to, a very fast c4.large Amazon EC2 instance in Virginia, USA. This NAO move is happening at 1900 on Tuesday, Aug 11 2015. I (dtype (talk)) am just tracking some of the issues that are popping up and wanted to put up a place to track the todo's.

Todo list for the 2015 move to

  • *fixed* Rodney-e4 still not announcing wiki changes in #nethackwiki, even though he has mysql access and will use it for !wiki queries -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* Dudley is dead. Need postgresql migration to fix. Shouldn't be an issue. -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* might just work on new server. Is setup. Need to test post move. -dtype (talk)
  • ee editor broken for rcfile editing. It is compiled, but something is up with it. -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* is broken. This should be fixed with site move once DNS is done. -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* Should delete sync'd databases that aren't in use on respective servers. -dtype -(talk)
    • *fixed* nethackwiki on e4 -dtype -(talk)
    • *fixed* all the other databases on e3 that aren't the wiki -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* HSTS and other SSL tightening on e4 once DNS is cutover. -dtype (talk)
  • *fixed* needs to be done too -dtype -(talk)
  • *fixed* topallclassplayers.html no longer displays the timestamp when it was last updated. It used to be at the bottom. -Khearn
  • *fixed* nethack on telnet port 14321 -dtype (talk)