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Welcome to my page

Hi there, I'm not new to nethack but I have never assended (at least on This is usaly due to silly mistakes (like zapping a random monster with a wand of death, and then finding out the hard way that yes, his amulet was a amulet of reflection).

Pudding Farming


The minimum requirements for a pudding farm would be:

  • A perm source of E or a scroll of Scare Monster
  • An iron weapon, tool or ring.
  • Black or Brown pudding

But, for a much more successful farm you should make sure you have:

  • A wand of Fire or Lightning to burn Elbereth
  • An wield-able iron item
  • A scroll of earth or two - For you boulder fort
  • A Wand of Striking - In case you need to destroy the bolder you are standing on
  • A blessed ring of slow digestion - Because eating takes time away from farming
  • A Pick Axe or Digging tool - To dig to the corner of the map
  • Reflection and MR - To survive any unexpected surprises
  • At least 1 potion of holy water - To create more holy water
  • An "identified" scroll of identify - So you can safely identify every item in the game
  • Enough Armor or HP to survive 2 or 3 pudding attacks - Because occasionally you will need to retrieve your items

Location Location Location

First you need to find a level with a pudding on it. The simplest way is to find a level in the Dungeons of Doom that has a sink and kick it until a black pudding is generated. Next, dig towards the corner of the map and dig out a path as such:

-+------------ +............| |............| +............| |{......#....| .............|


Notes from talk page

The article needs expert attention. Some quotes from Berry:

  • Farming on the upstairs also gives you a place to test wands. And heal up (manually).
  • Layout that protects against monsters with wands of striking (don't be invisible or diplacing!):

Also, protection from pyrolisks.

  • Some pros use bots, some use 1000-turn pastes. Operator error shows up as really stupid deaths.
    • Or hold down a key that sends no more than "\eFl", where \e is the byte 0x1b (escape), and let go if something important happens.
    • If pasting Fl without the escape, try MSGTYPE to kill all expected output, and Msgtype=STOP "*" to make your paste halt on anything unexpected.
    • Msgtype example, put this in your options file:
#msgtype for pudding farming
MSGTYPE=hide "The black pudding divides as you hit it!"
MSGTYPE=hide "Your * looks completely corroded."
MSGTYPE=hide "You kill the *!"
MSGTYPE=hide "The * turns to flee!"
MSGTYPE=hide "You attack thin air."
MSGTYPE=hide "You hear a slow drip."
MSGTYPE=hide "You miss the *"
MSGTYPE=stop "*hungry*"
  • If you paste, then don't be fast/very fast. speed introduces too much randomness.
  • Don't deplete enough of the pudding population to let the random-gen monsters in.
  • Autopickup exceptions to sort the loot. Clear it up regularily to avoid scrolls of scare monster, or items that could kill you.
  • Watch out for mobile monsters with passive attacks in the early stages of farming. Also, non-E-respecting ones. That's why you generally wield a killer weapon in your off hand.

--Ha! Showed you! 10:41, November 8, 2009 (UTC) glisignoli: I am playing on devnull Server 2, maybe you might see me

My games

--Glisignoli 20:44, 4 December 2011 (UTC) Finally an ascension!

--Ha! Showed you! 23:25, November 11, 2009 (UTC) glisignoli: ASCENDED : glisignoli (Val-Hum-Fem-Law) 2610518 points, ascended to demigoddess-hood on

--Ha! Showed you! 00:46, 25 August 2009 (UTC) G: My first Assension (actualy a week ago, but I didn't bother updating then). A local game i was playing as a lawful valk (hack n slash style) and found 3 magic lamps that made my game pretty nice followed by 2 scrolls of genocide and then a 0:3 wand of wishing in the castle. with my assension kit all sorted out I trudged down, killed vlad, the wizard and the priest. On my way up I stopped by my stash and got 3 scrolls of gold detection, 7 scrolls of tame monster (and blessed them!). But before I got to the plain of earth I fat fingered myself into a pool and blanked all of them (NOOOO!). But I didn't give up, I was so buff that I didn't really have any trouble past the castle (-43ac! with graswandir and a saber 2wep). So Huzah! Now I just need to my next game!

--Ha! Showed you! 08:41, 25 May 2009 (UTC) G: YASD: Never move up-left twice near a priest

--Ha! Showed you! 22:41, 24 May 2009 (UTC) G: YASD, but a most epic game. Got an early wish while trying to get Excalibur, got a +2 Greased blessed GDSM, found 2 BOH, Got amulet of reflection from sokuban. Went to the mines, got luckstone Descended down some more, found a magic lamp, wished for gauntlets of power. Decided it was time to make a stash, made one next to a chaotic altar (I have NO idea why I chose this location, as a lawful one was 5 levels down. Got my magical war hammer and had fun throwing it everywhere. Got a oilskin cloak. Got some levitation boots, levitated across Medusa level, got to the castle. Went through the back entrance. Cleared the area of guards. With the massive amount of loot that was their I started to polypile everything. Got enough armor and protection that I was -32ac! So far, this game was going really well. I did not want to die. Gehennom was going pretty well, got REALLY tired of liches so I genocided them. Descended down some more, found Juiblex, was eaten.... dead... My mistake was that it was late and I just thought it was a worm or something. So I didn't even notice I was poisened. YASD OUT!

--Ha! Showed you! 00:34, 6 October 2008 (UTC) G: I just had an bad close call in nethack Have all these rings and just found a wand of polymorph, so I drop everything else I have and put on a ring of polyconrol. Then zap myself, turning into a Xorn "e" "c"..... "Your wand of polymorph tastes good". FUCK

--Ha! Showed you! 01:40, 10 September 2008 (UTC) G: Had a nice game going, Wizard had eaten 2xGiant corpses at the end of the mines. Pet dog had stepped into a polymorph trap at and was turned into a baby gray dragon, grew into a adult dragon. Didn't have much ac though, which kind of matters when you forget to take your ring of conflict off and your dragon eats you in 1 turn.

--Ha! Showed you! 02:27, 8 September 2008 (UTC) G: I started about 3 games today, ALL of them with an elven wizard who dies in the mines. Now, I could use a gnome, but I want to sacrifice corpses in minetown to get some good stuff from my god. *Sigh*. Last game I had alot of nice stuff, except I fell onto a trap door, took one step, stood on a magic trap. Was blinded and surrounded by monsters and died. POO!

--Ha! Showed you! 10:31, 5 September 2008 (UTC) G: Hmmm it turns out that a goblin with a cursed dagger can throw it at you. Then, when you assume that its safe to use it as a weapon it will weld itself to your hand. Bad, bad dagger.

--Ha! Showed you! 01:57, 3 September 2008 (UTC) G: Yay lets start a new game: good ol wizzard never fails. Level3, huh never seen Conical hat before, oh well my pet wasn't reluctant to step on it. Must be safe to put on. DUhhH WhAt HaPPeNED! ME nO sMart AnYMoar! YoU baD caT YoU DIE NoW!

--Ha! Showed you! 01:38, 3 September 2008 (UTC)G: Managed to get into the gnomish mines with all sorts of goodies on my lvl 8(or 9?) valkyre. Then I steped into a random polymorph trap. So now i'm a vampire bat crushed under the weight of what i was carrying. I remove my goodies. I'm stunned so I amble around till I come face to face with a cockatrice. "Uh oh". I try to run away, forgetting I am stunned and try to bite a cockatrice. I turn to stone and silently cry. I also tried to pray to my god as soon as I was polymorphed. But he was still angry at my for sacrificing the wrong type of unicorn at his altar.

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