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Jörgen Grahn. From Falköping, Sweden; living in Mölndal, Sweden. Nethack player on Amiga and Linux since 1992 or so. I never play online, or anything but Vanilla. I read regularly.

Nethack playlist

  • Killed By Death — Motörhead
  • Sex Dwarf — Soft Cell
  • There is a Dog — Minotaur Shock
  • Day of My Ascension — David McComb
  • A Horse With No Name — America
  • Like a Motorway — Saint Etienne
  • Holy Water — The Triffids
  • Disintegration – The Cure
  • A Curse On You – The Blackeyed Susans
  • Greasy Coat – Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards (live at Mössebergsparken)