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Grognor is a God. By that, it is not implied that he has ascended, oh no. Although Grognor managed to ascend quite a few roles (7 so far, not that he cares about such trivialities), this is not what is implied. The statement means, that, by all forms, Grognor is perfect in every possible way, and the humblest person in the WORLD who happens to play NetHack.


  • His favorite class is the Monk class, despite his superior skill in samurai.
  • Wishing for an NetHack item, Grognor would wish for cursed +2 greased fixed speed boots. Why cursed? Can't take them off then. Heh. Removing pants and showering could be potential problems however.
  • Has changed his mind about the above. Would wish for blessed ones instead.
  • Maybe 2 blessed potions of gain ability...
  • Maybe a couple blessed unihorns
  • Meh. Life saving will have to do.