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HappyFoppy > What I want to

Here's a list of stuff I want to do.

  • Ascend a Valkyrie to demi-godhood.
  • Ascend a Tourist to demi-godhood.
  • Start a succesfull pudding farm.
  • Get an AC of under 50.
  • Get in nao's top 10 list.
  • Make some sort of patch for NetHack.
  • Ascend anything in SLASH'EM.
  • Write a spoiler.
  • Play NetHack 4.0.
  • Get listed in the Noteable people category. (Somehow.)
  • Invent some sort of metastrategy. (No idea how.)
  • Make an instructional ttyrec like Eido did.
  • Understand the source code. (I understand a bit of it!)
  • Play interhack. No you silly, I don't understand compiling. :(