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I started playing vanila when i was 8 then stopped until 15. I like playing in graphical mode. My favorite characters are in order Valkrie, wizard, barbarian, and ranger. currently on DOD as lvl 14 lawful human valkrie with mjollnir, +2 greyswandir, and +3 excalibur and stats 18/34 16 17 9 11 8. i'm playing in explore mode for my first ascension ever to figure out the game.

Current Attributes:

You are piously aligned. You are fire resistant. You are cold resistant. You are sleep resistant. You are poison resistant. You are level-drain resistant. You are magic-protected. You are telepathic. You are warned. You have automatic searching. You are displaced. You are stealthy. You aggravate monsters. You have teleport control. You are protected. You are fast. You have reflection. You are extremely lucky. You have extra luck. Good luck does not time out for you. You can safely pray. --Ingo321 (talk) 14:53, 26 October 2015 (UTC) Behold the Hordes!.png