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You can summon demons and get bargains with them, but at a cost

Starting the Bargain

  • First, you must find a appropriate spot, such as a desecrated altar (to Moloch)
  • Then, you must drop a lit candle (another use for candles, once you have >7)
  • (E)ngrave something (a phrase in Latin perhaps)
  • Mephistopheles (&) will show up, peaceful (unless you are wielding Excalibur -- Don't wield Excalibur)
  • Chat to him


There are a variety of benefits you can get from a Faustian Bargain, ranging from money to other worldly goods (a wish, perhaps?)


There are a variety of detriments which come with a Faustian Bargain. The first, obviously is it breaks atheist conduct (when you drop the lit candle on the altar). Then, when you engrave the phrase to summon Mephistopheles, your god will get pissed at you (Anger, -Alignment, -luck). The bargain itself also has drawbacks, ranging from alignment penalty and anger to death in 30,000 turns (no life saving).

Benefit Drawback
Money -1 Alignment/(XL*10) gold
Identify (As from throne) -10 Alignment
Genocide +3 Anger
Wish +5 Anger, Luck -> -4 (This takes place after when you get the wish)
Servant (minor demon, i) +1 Anger, -5 Alignment
Servant (major demon, &) +3 Anger, Luck -> -10
Servant (Mephistopheles will serve you) You can no longer pray (Your god disowns you), if you die you go straight to hell (No score). The only way to get your favor with your god back is to ascend, which will still only give you a half score.