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Every trophy is worth 1 point (some trophies may be fractioned into separate subtrophies, adding up to 1 point), and every competition is worth 4 points for the winner, 3 points for the second, 2 points for the third and (the player's score/the winner's score) points for everyone else - swapping player's score and winner's score according to the competition (for fastest ascension and for lowest scoring ascension).

All the competitions, clan competitions and trophies except the NetHack 1.3d-specific ones and the cross-variant ones ignore NetHack 1.3d.



  • Most ascensions
  • Longest ascension streak
  • Fastest ascension (gametime)
  • Fastest ascension (realtime)
  • Highest scoring ascension (in vanilla this will probably be a maxint, but meh)
  • Lowest scoring ascension modulo depth
  • Most conducts in a single ascension


Normal trophies and streak trophies are separate, and they're both worth one point (of course, the streak trophy requirements also fit the normal streak requirement). Streaks are calculated separately for each dgamelaunch account (and variant, for servers with more than one game).

  • All conducts (also in a streak)
  • All roles (also in a streak)
  • All races (also in a streak)
  • All alignments (also in a streak)
  • All genders (also in a streak)
  • Ascension
  • "devnull" achievements, each worth a fraction of a point: (normal objective/AceHack objective)
    • got the sokoban prize / bought an Oracle consultation (yes, they're mostly unrelated)
    • got the luckstone from mines' end / accepted for quest (yes, they're *completely* unrelated)
    • got Bell of Opening / defeated the quest nemesis
    • defeated Medusa / defeated Medusa
    • entered Gehennom / entered Gehennom the front way
    • got Candelabrum / defeated Vlad
    • got Book / defeated Rodney at least once
    • did the invocation / did the invocation
    • got the Amulet of Yendor / defeated a high priest
    • entered the planes / entered the planes
    • entered astral / entered astral

AceHack and UnNetHack-specific trophies

  • Assault on Fort Knox (defeated Croesus)
  • No membership card (defeated One-Eyed Sam)
  • Too good for quests (ascended without defeating the quest nemesis)
  • Too good for Vladbanes (ascended without defeating Vlad)
  • Too good for... wait, what? How? (ascended without defeating Rodney)
  • Too good for a brain (ascended without defeating Cthulhu)
  • Hoarder (ascended carrying all the invocation items)

Bonus game: NetHack 1.3d


  • Ascended
  • misc:
    • got crowned
    • entered Hell
    • defeated Rodney



  • Sightseeing tour (finish a game in all variants - "finish" means death or ascension)
  • Globetrotter (get a trophy for each variant)
  • King of the world (ascend in all variants)

Clan competitions

  • Most ascensions in a 24 hours period
  • Most ascended variant/role/race/alignment/gender combinations (starting)
  • Most points
  • Most unique deaths