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LoATS stands for Lord of All Things Shiny. Why I call myself that, I don't quite remember. I would probably have remembered if I wasn't thinking about Maud all of the time.

I'm kind of a newbie at NetHack, not having ascended yet, but I'm working on it.

I've played ADOM, Nethack, and Angband, and while I don't care so much for Angband, I have split feelings for Nethack and ADOM. Nethack was my first roguelike, and I played it on falcon's eye (before taking a two year break), and I really liked it, especially the funny monsters and messages associated with hallucination. I also enjoy ADOM because of its more developed storyline, and because of its multiple endings and quests (not that I've ever gotten to an ending, but I've heard that there are multiple endings), and especially the things that happen to you when you step on one of those purple chaos traps. I just recently started Angband, so it's taking me a bit to get used to it. It's really annoying that 'e' means "view equipped items," not 'eat' like in ADOM and Nethack, and to pick something up, you don't press a convenient key on the right side of the keyboard like ',' or ';' , you have to reach over and press 'g'. Kind of uncomfortable.

Here's a tip for newbies like me: Don't expect to ascend until you've had at least 200 deaths under your belt. Half of them will be from jackals and rolling boulder traps, but don't give up. I haven't ascended yet, but I'm still chugging along. Good Luck!

Frosty the level 6 barbarian

St:18/04 Dx:15 Co:17 In:7 Wi:6 Ch:10

Found a wand of poly on Dlvl 1, turned my pet kitten to a pet master mind flayer. On Dlvl 3 my pet killed a skopkeeper, and I found a magic whistle and a pair of boots of speed.

Alas, I have succumbed to save-scumming.

It was just SO tempting! I mean, what are the chances?

Shame on me.

LoATS 17:59, 27 December 2007 (UTC)