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Luna during devnull (each year since 2009) and during devnull tribute. Please keep it alive! :-)

Luna1 on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs), someone else already took "Luna", but never played a single game.

I've seen there is also some "Luna" playing NH4 and stuff, but that's not me.

I like Wizards: mapping, det. treasure, ID and teleport turn Gehennom mazes into a shopping spree instead of being tedious, and missileing everything is cool. I leave the dead Sanctum priest "2 bits for an ale" and massively enjoy unleashing purple worms on Astral. Burrrrp! :-) And I do hoard and overprepare.

NAO stats fail to include 1 additional ascension, because NetHack segfaulted during final dumplog. Had had lots of fun throwing both kinds of venom objects at riders and also wanted to take some with me, but turns out venom in your BoH crashes the program when the contents are listed at the very end. So did it again 1 game later, this time took all the venom out before offering. :-)

Best game to date was a foodless weaponless polyselfless monk, who spent quite a while praying for telepathy and polymorphing darts into shuriken. Might've managed it 2 games earlier, but hit someone with my pick-axe. Could've ked .!

Wrote initial revision of Why do I keep dying?, I do hope it helped a bit.