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To reproduce, you need to be running the same version of UnNetHack as the server was running at the time. Eg. get the latest UnNetHack source, then run "git checkout -b oldrun 3eb89b113f185985184642e21b01f6cd0c7e1bb9". Compile as normal. For reference, I compiled on an up-to-date amd64 Debian sid system. Using the default rc with 2 changes. Add


and replace




Paste the following into the game. N.B. you may have to quit after it desyncs in Moria the first time, to populate the high score table. The second attempt should be an ascension.

#put on teleport control ring, teleport to > stairs on d:1 and d:2
 Per zc. kl444.>zc. hj444.>
#d:3 teleport to general store, gather stuff, teleport to > stairs
 zc. kh111.  7 8 4 1 2 3 4 4 7 1 4 9 @9@9 zc. hhh332.
 #kill some Kops for xlvl 3 (safety from Vlad draining and failed polymorphs)
   Za8  Za9   98>
#d:4 gather stuff, recharge teleport wand, descend
 622ru czc. hhhhhhh32.3>
#d:5 get+quaff speed, get ?tele, level teleport via trap to d:15
 zc. j333.qEzc. hhhhkk99.zc. <.T8  15
   #d:15 blank scrolls, get+wear polymorph control ring, polymorph into titan
Gyzc. lllllkk112.PHzz.titan
#level teleport to d:25 via trap
 zc. hhh66.6  25
#d:25 get unicorn horn
Za6Za69Za6 Za6 Za66n
# write ?charging, charge /tele, get jumping boots, level teleport to d:16
rJ czc. hhhhh4.  zc. hk777.Za88WKzy8  16
#d:16 go to Moria, get cursed ?tele, level teleport to moria:13
 zc. hh7744.<
1j444.4rL 13
#moria:13 get 2 c?tele, level teleport to moria:10
  zc. kll999.> j666.j666.j12.  rM 10
#moria:10 get magic lamp, get 2 c?tele, level teleport to d:8
 zc. llll7.6j666.zc. hhhhjj777. rM 8
#d:8 level teleport to valley via trap, then geh:37
 zc. ll74.4  27 
  rM 37
#geh:37 get wand of wishing, go to Vlad
 zc. lllljj777.anicharging
rP czc. hhhhkk4.<
#level teleport to Vlad's level, wish for master key of thievery, cursed magic marker
 @rM 34
@zO  blessed master key of thievery
  zO  cursed magic marker
#wish for amulet of reflection(luck manipulation for wresting)
 874zO  blessed amulet of reflection
#vlad:34 don reflection amulet, polymorph into vorpal jabberwock, kill Vlad, write c?tele
 PT4Za779zz.vorpal jabberwock
 1 1 1rS 28
#geh:28 get /tele, to geh:30, get holy water, /dig, to geh:32, level teleport to geh:39
 4zc. llll444.> j12.2> zc. llll444.zc. hhhhhjj998.4> 68zX>@> @zV. h4444.j444.4  39
#geh:39 go to Orcus, kill Orcus, get wand of death
 zV. k9999.PY<11     1   > zV. hhhhhj6.6  44
#geh:44 get bag of holding, level teleport (via weeping angel attack) to d:22
 zV. jl11.2zX1j11.1j444.aRvteleportation
#d:19 level teleport, more shopping, nonmagic wishes for holy water, candles
 zV. hhk7444.   6 ev1 ewj22. 2 4 7 2 1 8 #ru
M     3 holy water
NW water
N    7 blessed wax candles
avyj444. 4 #d
PWaiia qbw? O+!= cM                                  2 j47. 9 
#levport to d:10, get 2?tele, dig to d:11, enter Town branch
 zV. jl33.  Za9 9zy8  10
zV. hhhhhhhh8887.zV. jj99.88rB VzX>> 
zV. hhhhhhj21.<zV. <.< 
#town get potions, levport to Market
 zV. lj9.  8  8 6 6 6 2 2 4 8 4 zV. kllllll2.     
zV. >88.  Za2    j22.  > qx
zV. >.   > zV. >.> 8zX>> 8zX>> zX>> j11.  22
#d:22 enter black market
 8j666.   3j666.6j666.j666.3j666.3j666.6j99.
#black market potion shopping
 8 4 4 8 6 6 6 3 8 8 7 4 2 4 4 aiia ?!                              
9 4 8 6 6 6 3 8 3 8 6 2 2 1 6 2 2 7 1 7 aiia !                    
#the infamous desyncing black market escape
 j444.ae2 444444zz2ti2 44444j66.j12.42777 88 8   j11.7j444.j444.j444.j444.7j77.j444.
 #exit market, levport to quest
 zV. llk888.86  15
 444zV . l66.6   
#quest:1 jumping, phasing, kill neferet and apprentice with teleport wand
 j444.j444.7j444.j444.7j77.j444.4j444.7j444.j444.1j444.aioa ck m  g   #d
j12.rd zj14.zz.vorpal jabberwock
 O   m  adejk j44.84yes
        44 4   211    O   m  jk 19j666.Za6j666.6Za3j33.1>
#quest get cancellation wand, head to quest:5
 zc . hhhhhj1.   >  zg. kl998.zg. llll3332.> zg. hhh12.>  zg. ll996.
#quest:5 dispatch Pug, Newt, Dark One 
  3 Za8O   m  j 3   7j88.j666.Za2O   m  j j222.6qmj78.9Za7ew61 4yes
 4    zg. ll8.19   9       
#gain level alchemy sequence, inventory housekeeping
 aiba ?efmn+!              a fvkB /h rAEnoIPR                  4 
Da sa?O +!/h                        aioa !lmno aghirs fghi            
Df .                  aioa !p abc=(          Da b2gDEde M       zh>
,?o d       aPecharging
9 rF Panecharging
rJ n,!                               9 99#d
tq dt zh>84 #d
bg,b  rO t  #ad
bf #d
bB #d
gA #d
bgaiba .!                   a b   4
#branchport, fakewiz levport, portal to tower, levport, kill Rodney for book, levport to VS
C b    rp 44
j44.  rp 41
j89.Za3 j33.rb X4zX6  46 49  8 8      7     O   m  gijk 7rp 46
#invocation, kill cthulhu for Amulet, drink many cursed gain level
Fg6  8888za. kh744.  6668 aU ax rc     aiia ?2F!              rF 47
Za3 3  j33.   63     j666.zZ6        6  aioa 23i  qb gl
7 qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb  qb qb qb qb qb qb qb qb 
#hi medusa! express quaff to the Planes
 aioa .fgjkp       qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk qk 
#Air first
 7   9   9  zz.air elemental
  ,.   666666666666696666666666666666666663666666666666666666396666   
 966zX666666zX66666666zX9rb  X93zX6666666666666zX666666zX66666666666  
#Fire, nice close portal here
#Astral, suicidal liches, Death dodging
rl  arch lich
      WK     qA         j33.3j666.zX9    j99.9      j47.zV8    j88.zV8   7zX88     j888.
#the final yump
d     y   y y y y