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bones on D8

amulet of reflection
3 amulets of life saving

helm of opposite alignment

royal jelly

ring of teleport control
ring of polymorph control (open)
ring of conflict

29 cursed scrolls of teleportation
13 blessed scrolls of magic mapping
6 uncursed scrolls of gold detection
6 cursed scrolls of confuse monster
7 blessed scrolls of confuse monster
4 blessed scrolls of remove curse
blessed scroll of genocide

blessed spellbook of jumping
blessed spellbook of healing

22 blessed potions of gain level
53 cursed potions of gain level
3 blessed potions of full healing
holy water
2 unholy water

4 wands of teleportation
5 wands of polymorph
3 wands of death
2 wands of digging
wand of fire
wand of wishing (1:1) (open)
2 wands of cancellation (open)

drum of earthquake
7 candles
Eyes of the Overworld
blessed unicorn horn

startscum for wand of digging (at least 7 charges), potion of speed

quaff speed
dig 7 times
move to loot pile, autopickup
quaff 4 blessed gain level, put on cpoly
poly to air E, quaff 18 blessed gain level, put on Eyes, reflection
levport to D11-16, map, confuse, gold detect, read blessed confuse
teleport next to portal, move on portal
kill W or i with fire
apply stethoscope to self
xorn through wall east of Neferet
poly to air elemental
#chat to Neferet
levport to Quest end
put on conflict
teleport to Dark One, zap death, get Eye, Bell
branchport to D
levport to Valley
levport to Geh9-13, map
levport to Vlad3, xorn, poly to air E, kill Vlad, get Candelabrum
levport to Geh11-16
play drum of earthquake, kill Rodney, get Book
levport to VS, map, invocation
levport to Orcus, levport to Sanctum, kill Orcus, get amulet
ride the great glass elevator