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Nethack Quaffing Game

A dream of mine and many other Hack addicts has begun to come to fruition. Check it out and add your own YANIs at Nethack Quaffing Game! To keep everyone happy, please don't add links to Nethack Quaffing Game in articles outside itself or user pages. Thanks and <3!

Aug 20, 2009


I've been playing nethack for about ten years. I'm currently playing vulture's claw and trying to get a lot of people I know into nethack/slashem by feeding them the kiddie version. Slash'em is a real riot, I was excited to learn of it when I started playing again after a while.

I've never Ascended. Nope! In fact, the furthest I've gotten was the Neutral Alignment quest in Slash'em, netting ~185k when some electric jelly exploded and brought some of my inventory up in a magical explosion.

Aug 26, 2009

I'm up to 234k. Chaotic monk. Brown pudding farm w/o sacrificing. I've been experimenting with digging a level into a big room lately with Necromancers, seems to have interesting possibilities for battling large groups of monsters. Hunger is an issue, but I've been playing vampire mostly for the regeneration and hunger's always an issue with vampires. If I can get a big room + altar going, I think I might be in the money as it were.

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