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Having played a fair amount of umoria and online MUDs a few years prior, I switched to NetHack in the June of 2006 after I found out about it from the online comic User Friendly. I never progressed very far in umoria and Diablo primarily because I lost interest early on due to the mind numbing repetition and routine involved in the power leveling required to progress between levels.

I immensely enjoyed playing games like StarCraft, Stronghold, and Tropico because of the strategic elements that were the primary focus of these games. So I was ecstatic when I found out what an important role strategy played in NetHack. However, I soon discovered that I was out of my depth. I've heard of this game being described as a foot deep and a mile wide. I beg to differ, for the game is miles deep in the very places that would catch the novice unawares.

After playing for a bit I realized that I was going to need help - a lot of help. This is why I've decided to patronize this wiki. I have yet to record a single ascension, although I have countless YASDs to my name. My current character is a XL 3 Valkerie who has descended as far down as Mine Town.

As far as NetHack is concerned, these are my goals:

  • I want to improve my writing skills, primarily in the area of gathering and organizing information.
    • I want to become a fast and efficient author.
  • I want to overcome my inhibition in taking on risks that have the potential for negative consequences. I'm hoping the permanent death aspect of this game will get me acclimated to the idea of assuming these types of risk and hope to learn better ways of coping than getting upset and angry.
    • I want to ascend.