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Howdy, I started NetHack in junior high school 12 years back, never got anywhere. Entered a score tournament in March, YAFA on 1st of april, 2008. Most notable event: lost the Eye of Aethiopica. Yes, I seriously lost it. Whoops! Ascended on NAO Sun, 11 May 2008, 09:18:01 (ttyrec). Both ascensions were Wiz Elf Mal Cha.

ATM working on NetHack competition for Vectorama, a 4-day LAN party. There will probably be sections for max score, best death, most artifacts, at least. I can be reached on #nethack in freenode, if you want to share experiences ;)

The competition worked, we got NAO diffs (thanks paxed!), and worked out dgamelaunch. Quite a surprising amount of issues for a simple install, really. When the server comes back up I'll start working on a checklist for non-developer installers ;)

Ascended Bar Orc Mal Cha, Pri Hum Mal Neu and Mon Hum Fem Neu. Sadly, NAO lags too much for me to play comfortably so I switched to a local server.