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After ascending a ranger after 10 tries and a tourist after two, I took on Wizard. I learned a lot of lessons.

Notes to Self, For Newbies

1. How to win Nethack
2. The only winning move is not to play.

Notes to self, wizard

1. Wizards are squishy
2. A wizard with DSM is still squishy
3. A wizard with Magicbane is still squishy
4. Force bolt + sokoban = :(
5. Save Death for last.
6. Have conflict on Astral? Wear it.
7. Have a wish and standing on the opposite altar? Don't forget the HooA.
8. Blowing doors open is cool, but not cool enough to starve for.
9. : is the most evil creature the devs have devised. "The Master Lich..."
10. Mithril isn't so bad. You can still cast Magic Missile.
11. Stop playing if someone is disracting you IRL.
12. bringing a pet gremlin to Juiblex's swamp might not be the wisest move.

Notes to self, IRC

1. Login and such in the server window, not the channel windows.
2. The command to change your password is /msg nickserver set password $newPassword