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About me

I am new to Nethack, so, besides mostly reading this Wiki, I have been doing some minor editing and adding to it as learn; I hope to eventually become knowledgeable enough to contribute in more relevant ways.


I have just created an account on NAO, it is pretty much blank at the moment, but here you go:

Samaritan on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs)


The way my last games were cut short and what I learned from them.

Killed by a small dog

Chaotic human wizard. I had food figured out in the beginning: started with a ring of slow digestion and found a tinning kit earlier, so I thought I just had to keep myself alive, but my kitten picks a fight with a small dog, I jump in to help and, unable to force bolt the latter without hitting the former, ended up beaten to death. I lost my cool, otherwise I could just have engraved Elbereth with the magic marker I also started with... talk about YASD.