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About me

I play NetHack occasionally, though not as much as I used to. The last time I dared to check my position on NAO's wasted time list, I'd spent about 22 days on one of my accounts (I have about eight, though I play regularly on only three of them).

I have a NetHack page on my website: [1].

Interesting achievements

My most unique achievement was playing a p-less game (without pressing the 'p' key). See my RGRN post for details.

I also hold the second-best known realtime speedrun record at 01:57:52, on NAO. (I'm second to User:Adeon, who's light-years better than me, at 1h 3m.)

More boringly, I've ascended every role and ascended a total of probably 50-some times (I've never tried to count). I've been in devnull 2009-2012, with varying success (one year I took the best realtime trophy, and I've gotten hat trick at least once, maybe twice).